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B. Moore Consulting is a consultant with teams that are structured to meet the needs of the client.  It is significant for us as a brand to move forward with integrity.  It is just as important to have our focus on the client, as well as the community to which the client serves.

Clients & Testimonials

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  • As a Chamber of Commerce Executive Director, there are fewer advocates who are more passionate than Blevian. Businesses tend to succeed or fail on their own, but Blevian's work and efforts go a long way to help the businesses she serves succeed, significantly increasing the odds!
    Rob Sawyer
    Web Design & Development
  • I have worked with Blevian extensively over the past several years and have found her to be consistently well organized and ready for the events we have worked together. Her joyful and radiant personality combined with her thousand watt smile make working with Blevian a pleasure. If you have the opportunity to share an event with Blevian, don't miss it!
    Larry Burrows
    Owner at Photography by Larry Burrows
  • Blevian is a go-to person for information, great person at heart and wonderful friend.
    Rosalind Caldwell
    Owner of Trace Identity Services, Inc. Background Checks / Licensed Fingerprint Vendor Agency
  • Blevian Moore is like the sun..she shines on everything and everyone no matter who or what they are. She is dependable and even though there may be some challenging clouds overhead, she is still above shining brightly, bringing people together to prosper, to grow and to give their best to their families and community. Thank you Blevian! You are an inspiration!!
    Domenic Certa
    Independent Training Consultant
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You’re In Our Best Interest

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 We go the extra mile.  We want to make sure the resources and connections are provided to help your organization.  In addition, we want our client’s organization to have an equal opportunity to strive and move ahead.

What We’re Good At.

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The purpose of B. Moore Consulting is to give you complete worth for your valued time, goals and vision.  Our resolve is to help your organization succeed and achieve higher goals through connections, resources, and networking.

Marketing/Branding 90%
Event Planning 75%
Web Design 85%
Training 95%

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